Video Editing Division Judges

Aaron Adelson

Aaron Adelson is currently the News Director at the CBS affiliate in Gainesville, FL, where he is coaching the next generation of storytellers. For the majority of his career he has worked as an MMJ. Adelson previously worked at KARE11 and WLOS and is currently the NPPA Quarterly Solo Top chair.

Cody Broadway

Cody Broadway is an award-winning storyteller based in Los Angeles, California working for NBCLX. From New York City to Cannes, France, his work has screened in multiple Oscar-qualifying documentary film festivals worldwide. Broadway's cinematic journalism approach to storytelling captures every story's heart and elevates the audience to think beyond the screen.

Tony Mirones

Tony Mirones is a 28-year veteran of the news industry. He's won 11 Emmy® Awards for photography, editing, and reporting. Mirones is a four-time Ohio Associated Press Best Photographer, and two-time winning KNPA Solo video-journalist. He currently works at in Columbus, Ohio as a Special Project Digital Reporter, and he shoots everything on his iPhone. Mirones is the Senior Editor for the worldwide video workflow company,, based in Austin, Tx, as well. Mirones has been around the block. He's at his seventh television station in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He is a former President of NATAS Ohio Valley, former TVVP Ohio News Photographers Association, and former KNPA president.

Anastasiya Bolton

Being a journalist of Russian descent has always inspired jokes. The drinking ones. Good news -with recent world developments the jokes have been diversified and I’ve been able to take advantage of the situation to break the ice during tough-to-start interviews.

Tough-to-start interviews, or difficult-to-get ones, somehow became my specialty during 12 years at KUSA/9NEWS in Denver. I spent about 7 of those years as a Crime and Justice Reporter. People not wanting to talk to me was a “thing.”

I went on to use my skills in a national project KUSA’s parent company TEGNA had with Facebook, called An Imperfect Union, where we traveled the country, brought two people together to discuss a complicated topic they disagreed on and then had them do a community project.

I was able to mesh the local news lessons with the national experience for the Texas Deep Dive Team I went on to be a part of for over a year. Our little group did stories of state-wide importance and once the pandemic began. Our work felt different, big and very impactful.

Since March of 2021, I’ve been covering the Texas Mexico border and what’s going on there. I work with a partner, a photojournalist who’s from a border community and lives there.

Over the 22 years I’ve been in the business, I’ve learned what’s important about the work we get to do. To me, it’s about giving people a voice, telling their story. Sometimes it means giving them their power back, sometimes it’s about education, but it’s always about the truth.

I am also passionate about self-care. Covering crime for many years, and now a humanitarian crisis of huge proportions have taught me that I must take care of me and talk to others about it being ok to be impacted by what we see and hear.

Working with great journalists at the best station leads to some awards. That’s what you’re supposed to mention in the bio. So here, I did. As hard, frustrating, cuss-across-the-newsroom as this job is – I can’t imagine doing anything else, not yet.