2021 Social Edit

First Place

This piece was created to highlight a special way people were showing their appreciation for frontline hospital workers at a local hospital. The video and interviews were shot for an HFR story that wouldn't air for several weeks but as a station we wanted to do something to amplify the little ways people in the community were coming together to do something good while remaining socially distanced early in the pandemic. So I wrote and edited this piece from video shot by one of my coworkers to post on the station's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Social Edit

When photographer Ingo Arndt set up his camera inside a tree, he gave an intimate glimpse into the daily lives of honeybees. The photos, which appeared in a March 2020 article in National Geographic magazine, told stories of comradery, danger, and resilience among a tiny group of insects. But for social audiences, we took it to another level with visceral video that puts you right into the beehive. This immersive Instagram story allows you to observe their movements up close and to hear the buzzing and rumblings of the wild honeybee colony. The combination of amazing visuals and fascinating and surprising bee behavior engages the audience from start to finish. It was one of our most popular instagram stories of the year, both in terms of audience retention and engagement

Third Place

With a major temperature swing forecasted, Solo Video Journalist Evan Kruegel decided to put together a digital video showcasing the 24-hour difference. This video was geared toward social media, and asking viewers to show us before/after photos.

Honorable Mention

For weeks this story was slowly put together during down time, as there was wide speculation that the Governor would issue some sort of stay at home order. All the animations were done by the entrant as well as all the editing and research. When the Governor finally announced the states stay at home order, with help from the web team with some wording, the entrant was able to make a few slight changes and have this video explainer on all social platforms within a half hour of the announcement of the stay at home order. This story was designed entirely for social media, which results in a lot of font to tell the story even if the sound is off.