2021 Documentary Edit

First Place

The Jefferson Project follows high school students and their principal through the 2018/19 school year at a Denver-area, Title One school. The school and students face many challenges, but a desire for a brighter future is always present. The team producing the 90-minute, feature documentary includes: Anne Herbst: writer/photographer/editor Nelson Garcia: reporter Steve Gray: soundtrack composer and motion graphics

Second Place

“Cambio Climático” is the first climate change documentary, fully in Spanish, focused on the implications in the Hispanic population of the United States. This in-depth documentary aired in all the Telemundo Owned Stations across the United States, which was the first time a local TV station had the opportunity to lead such an important project. Produced and filmed by KXTX, the Telemundo station in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, “Cambio Climático” features Chief Meteorologist, Néstor Flecha, on his journey through Alaska, California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Niagara Falls. He was join by the Telemundo Station Meteorologists from New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, and Miami. All the pictures on this show were captured and edited by Arnaldo Gines. "Cambio Climatico" the standard for future projects in the Telemundo Stations Group. The show is heavily focused on the facts and observations of meteorological patterns in these major metropolitan areas that have significant Hispanics presence. Hispanics are among the most impacted by climate change, since a large percentage of this demographic group tends to perform outdoor jobs in construction, landscaping, agriculture, among others. The show covers climate change implications on the economy, environment, weather, and the Hispanic population, making the topic appealing to a demographic group that is among the most impacted. “Cambio Climático” is the first of its kind in an impending crisis that is affecting all of us.

Third Place

Twice a year, KSL produces a host of documentaries to air during The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' conference weekend. "Heroes in Disguise" focused on how one Utah organization is using mascots to improve the lives of kids with terminal illnesses. The first two minutes of the documentary were treated by a graphic artist at KSL. The same artist created the titles that you see before each section as well as the end credits. The rest of the story I photographed and edited myself, including the photo collage effects you see throughout the story.

Honorable Mention

The issue is gun violence, and taking men and women off the streets to settle their differences by backyard fighting and taking them away from a life of violence and drug abuse.