2021 Still Photojournalism Division Judge

Tyrus Ortega Gaines is a 2021 BOP Judge

Tyrus Ortega Gaines

Tyrus Ortega Gaines, a native Washingtonian is a documentary photojournalist/ commercial photographer and a features visual content editor. Drawn to the visual expression of photography since his youth, which guided him to visually document the everyday life of his cultural up bringing, and later open his eyes to a profession in photojournalism. While documenting events aRound the District of Columbia, his work caught the eye former Washington Post, Director of Photography, Matthew Lewis, which lead him to freelance weekend events for the Weekend section. The rest is history. Tyus has worked for USA Today, Florida Today and The Charlotte Observer. He has always occupied a dual role as a photojournalist, and visual photo editor with a discerning and creative eye. Tyrus was one of the African American photojournalists selected to be a part of, Songs of My People: African Americans: Self- Portraits. “It has been my journey capturing life’s daily adventures and moments in time throughout my career”.