2021 Video Photojournalism Division Judge

Evelio Contreras is a 2021 BOP Judge

Evelio Contreras

Evelio Contreras is a producer, shooter and editor for CNN Digital in New York. He produces and works on multimedia projects for cnn.com with a focus on personal stories. He is part of a three-person climate change unit for CNN TV with correspondent Bill Weir and is currently working on stories focused on coronavirus and the impact it has on at-risk communities. His recent work on an immigration documentary for CNN this past year was recognized with a Peabody. His online video storytelling work at The Roanoke Times, the Las Vegas Sun and The Washington Post has received recognition from various groups, including the National Press Photographer’s Association, Online News Association and Harvard's Nieman Storyboard. His work at CNN has been recognized by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Editor and Publisher and NPPA. Evelio was born in Texas and is a border town kid at heart, and the son of migrant workers, who like his parents, sees his travels and journeys across the U.S. as continuing the same story that they began, which is to build a better life for folks that he meets and considers like family along the way.